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What Things Girls Always Notice on a Date ?


Going out on a date is your time to shine, you either make it or break, you should always stay on guard because women are very picky. They tend to notice a lot more than you would imagine!

You must understand that the age old adage, “first impression is the last”, is very true. So, if you haven’t taken this seriously or put it to test yet, it is perhaps time to do so. You need to understand that if a girl gets attracted to in the first instance then you have a lot of chances with her. Girls notice all the details in a boy during a date and if you can impress her this time then there is no looking back. Now is the time to look back  and correct that first date you had with her and look forward to a new one. Take a look at what girls always notice in a man on a date.

What you are wearing ?

This is the first thing that a girl will notice on a date, the clothes that you wear. This certainly does not mean that you over dress, instead this simply means that you should dress in a neat and tidy manner. It is evident that girls only like boys who are well maintained and dresses well, a good first impression is very important. This may however sound like a shallow deal, as the inner person is more important than the outer appearance, but physical beauty is certainly an important factor for both the sexes and you cannot ignore that! Therefore, in order to charm a woman, a man must dress well. Every time you go on a date from now on make sure that you put a thought into what you should wear, be careful not to overdo it!

How you are groomed ?

Every woman looks for a well groomed man, and not a shabby one, so, it is important that you are groomed. Grooming does not really mean that you wax your body hair, just shaving your beard, combing your hair neatly, and cutting your finger nails could be defined as grooming. Even though a girl may be attracted to your sense of humour, she wouldn’t really go on a date with you if you have an unkempt appearance. Make sure that you groom yourself if you wish that the ladies notice you. All these factors add to your personality making you look attractive, presentable and much more desirable. Grooming is a man thing, and you must by all means practice it, for yourself and for the sake of the eyes of the beholder.

How confident you are?

By this we mean your entire personality, which needs to be impeccable, well at least to her eyes. Confidence shows in your body language, the way you present yourself, the manner in which you attend to matters, place your date’s order, the conversations you have with her, and so on. Sometimes, people can figure out your level of confidence just by the way you sit. Confidence is a definite virtue that every man should posses and every woman looks for in a man, and without it you are as good as a little boy. Being shy has never helped anyone, and we assure you it won’t help you too.

Gift of the Gab?

A girl would always want a man to talk well; a well spoken man is much sought after. It is a reflection of his upbringing and education. A man who can converse well is an interesting man, he is perceived to be the man of the world. Therefore even if you do not have the gift of the gab, you must at least try to talk sense. Do not be superficial and do not be mindless, talk about things that matter, not about the latest I Phone, it only reflects upon your lack of knowledge and understanding of things.

How are your Manners?

Once again, a man must have manners and etiquettes. This is important as a man who is well mannered is considered to be good to his girlfriend or wife. So be careful when you order the food, be very careful about how you take her points of view, and also do not make the mistake of showing off, most girls do not like a show off. Your manners need to be to up to the mark, and this will make the lady feel comfortable about her date.
There can be only one way to get to a woman’s heart, and that is by being a gentleman, can you be him?


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